It is common for people to learn about a tooth impaction when they come in for a general dentistry appointment anda woman feeling the pain of Impacted Teeth exam. Impacted teeth can also be diagnosed during treatment for tooth pain. Sometimes, we know there is a need to schedule impacted teeth removal. This is common, for example, when you have impacted wisdom teeth. Other times, this is an emergency procedure. In all cases, Lovett Dental Pasadena can help you.

When do Impacted Teeth Need to be Removed?

There are various reasons why impacted teeth need to be removed. The sooner we address these problems, the better in most cases. Impacted teeth tend to need removal for several reasons:

  • They are pushing on other teeth.
  • The tooth has no room to come in.
  • In impacted wisdom teeth, they can cause significant pain when emerging.
  • Tooth impaction left untreated can increase the risk of early decay.
  • Impacted teeth can lead to infections.

If you have pain in your teeth or have a tooth that has failed to emerge, it is time to consider solutions. We may recommend impacted teeth removal.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: What to Expect

Wisdom teeth are often not properly aligned under the gums. These teeth, which do not emerge until 18 to 25 years of age, typically are not needed and can easily be removed. During your routine dental exams, we’ll monitor the impacted wisdom teeth to make sure they do not come in. Then, we can schedule impacted teeth removal. We generally recommend this for wisdom teeth before they start to come in, so in your later teeth years.

Other Types of Tooth Impaction Can Occur

It is possible for any tooth to be impacted, which means it cannot come through the gum line or damage the other teeth as it does. When this occurs in children waiting for their adult teeth to come in, we may not need to remove them. Rather, in this situation, it may be best to use orthodontic applications instead. These products can work to straighten out other teeth to reduce the risk of tooth impaction of the teeth that have not emerged.

What You Can Expect as Treatment for Tooth Impaction

In most cases, impacted teeth need to be removed using a surgical procedure. This type of procedure can be very effective and very safe. Our oral surgeon will open up the gum line to expose the tooth. Then, the impacted teeth removal procedure takes place. Once removed, we stitch the area closed. It will heal over a period of weeks.

Impacted teeth removal is necessary for many situations because it can significantly reduce risks to other teeth and your smile. If you are unsure if you have impacted teeth or if you need impacted teeth removal, that’s okay. Come in for a consultation today.

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Tooth impaction does not have to limit your oral health. Our office at Lovett Dental Pasadena is full-service. We can handle all of your dental health needs in one place and provide superior services along the way. You may want to speak to our team about the oral health options you need, such as:

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