Did you know that there are ways to replace your weak or lost teeth? Dentures offer an ideal solution. These are detachable dental appliances that function as artificial teeth. There are plenty of alternatives available, but the right option should fit adequately, permit chewing, smiling, and retain the ordinary look of your lower face. However, badly fixed or substandard artificial teeth will not guarantee the desired results. So, what are the factors to consider while selecting the right dental appliances? First, visit a certified dentist like Lovett Dental Pasadena for a proper diagnosis before you proceed to choose the correct type of denture for you.

Full Dental Appliances

These removable dental appliances can sit on both lower and upper gums. Dentists use full dentures to address a situation where all your teeth are absent. However, you can still use this dental treatment when the lower or the upper teeth are missing. A dentist is likely to suggest full dentures if none of your regular teeth are available. With this option, you’ll regain your facial appearance, which consequently restores your self-esteem as you can speak and smile confidently.

Partial Dental Appliancesdentist holding a pair of upper dentures

If there are still some teeth remaining in your mouth, a partial denture is appropriate. Dentists usually attach these appliances to your available teeth, thus filling the existing gap between them. The most significant advantage is that you can unclip and remove these false teeth, which gives you more flexibility and ease, especially when cleaning them.

Dentists typically use various techniques to fix the appliances in your mouth. One option is using silver fasteners that clasp on the available teeth. Another common alternative is to attach these false teeth to the crowns of the remaining teeth. The decision lies with the dentist.

Temporary Dental Appliances

Dentists often fix these dentures as soon as you lose a tooth. Using these types of false teeth aims to enable you to continue with your ordinary life during the healing process as you await the creation of your new final denture. Expect a recommendation of this type of denture if you have a history of sensitive teeth or gum (periodontal) disease. Keep in mind that a temporary denture requires proper care after leaving the dental clinic to ensure your gums heal properly.

Customized Dental Appliances

When placing these artificial teeth, your dentist aims to meet your expectations regarding the smile, comfort, class, and distinctive mouth features. Extra features consist of gum texture, shading, and ridging. Dentists customize false teeth to fit the unique aspects of your mouth; they come at an extra cost when compared to the other types of artificial teeth. A lot of energy, skill, and money go into their fabrication.

Get Ideal Dentures at Lovett Dental Pasadena

Now you know all the various kinds of dental appliances available on the market. Our team of experts is ready to work with you and your family to create customized dental care solutions. People with missing teeth or other oral conditions can benefit from our wide range of treatment options, including:

A word of caution: there are several cheap and sub-standard types of dental appliances that many people use as short-term solutions. These false teeth do not fit well, are of poor quality, are susceptible to slipping, and may be uncomfortable.

Don’t let missing teeth deny you the perfect smile. At Lovett Dental Pasadena, we recognize that you need the best-certified experts to provide you with your dentures and other kinds of dental services. Contact us today at 281-998-8800 to schedule an appointment.